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Homebrewer, eternal E'Lir, Physics, and Math Student.

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Stirplate Magnet Holder

Welcome back, I know it’s been awhile! Hope everyone had a happy new years. I purchased an additional magnetic phone mount, and was thoroughly underwhelmed...



Yeast Harvesting

I use the same method that Brulosopher made popular to harvest yeast directly from your starter, and use Homebrewdads wonderful yeast starter calculator . C...


Calculator Re-Release

So I made a pretty useful BIAB calculator, link below, based on the spreadsheet on If you’re on reddit or HBT, you’ve probably seen it come ...

Saving Yeast Cake

While I much prefer to harvest yeast from a starter, this is still a viable option of saving your yeast after a good clean fermentation. Note of caution to n...

Yeast Starters

Now I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you bought a vial of liquid yeast and were told it’s fine to pitch directly. This is true sometimes, and yes ...