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Homebrewer, eternal E'lir, Physics and Math Student.

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I made my first batch of beer at my parents house last winter, November 2013. Over the 6 months or so I only brewed a couple times until I upgraded my setup to a BIAB all grain setup in the summer. More on this later. I’m still attending undergrad, with a Physics and Math double major. I currently brew 5 gallons or so once a month since it’s usually just me drinking it with a a couple beers shared amongst friends.

I had a great opportunity recently to brew for a friends wedding. I jumped at it. It allowed me to do them a favor, get a lot of feedback from a huge crowd (200~ people) and allowed me to brew some more and lean more about this great hobby. Probably the biggest task about this endeavour was that I don’t keg, so we had to bottle some 400ish bottles of homebrew and cider.

My taste preferences currently learn towards malty rather than hoppy. Favorite styles are browns, porters, stouts, in addition to most belgian ales. While I don’t prefer hop bombs, I’ll have a nice pale ale, or esb as long as its not too bitter that it rips my face off.

I have great admiration for Brulospher,, and seem to share a similar goal and attention to brewing. I’d love to say I have as great a setup or the flexibility of his tools but I’m in an apartment and an undergrad student working at a certain swedish furniture retail store.

Anyways, much like brulospher, “Perhaps more than brewing itself, I have this obsession with simplification, efficiency, and experimentation. I like to research and rethink parts of the process that seem outdated or simply fallacious.” Due to my drinking habits, and apartment brewing, I’m selling off some of my larger equipment and going to be focusing on split batches of ~6.5G of wort between 2 5G buckets filled with 3.25G of wort each for a finished product of 3G between each split batch. This will allow me to test and validate some of the things Brulosopher has done, as well as some of the things I’ve been interested in that hasn’t come up yet.

This blog is my way of keeping notes of my brews, as well as sharing my setup and experiences of homebrewing with my friends and fellow brewers. I hope you enjoy reading and following along, and If you have anything you’d like to see, or any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below!